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Food Truck Mania

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Food Truck Mania

The trend of mobile food trucks has taken America by storm over the last two decades and projections from professionals in the foodservice industry don't see it slowing down any time soon. Food trucks allow consumers to get amazing flavorful cuisine in a more fast, convenient, and unique manner. With recent concerns arising in 2020 regarding health and safety in the dining industry due to COVID-19, mobile food trucks and trailers have offered many advantages in their unique approach to foodservice. The world of food trucks is one of the most popular segments of the food and beverage industry to this day and the possibility of innovation that faces it is endless.

Food trucks can trace their start back to 1888 when Thomas Buckley opened the first lunch wagon in Massachusetts and started serving sandwiches, pies, and coffee at lunchtime to the working class of his hometown. He quickly realized how popular this idea could be and started to create replicas of his first wagon. Within 10 years, Buckley had created a very successful company focused on bringing quick and delicious meals to cities all across the nation with his fleet of over 275 lunch wagons. Since then, America has seen a rise in popularity in the concept of food trucks and the many adaptations that have come along with it. Food trucks in the beginning often could only serve pre-made items that were served cold due to the lack of electrical advancements at that time. Mobile kitchens today can be equipped with any standard equipment or tools that you would furnish a regular commercial kitchen with. This has seriously broadened the opportunities for food trucks to serve dishes that are on par with dining in your favorite restaurants.

Business-wise, food trucks offer a plethora of advantages to any investor or entrepreneur looking to get into the restaurant industry. The start-up and overhead costs of opening a food truck are significantly less than that of a stand-alone restaurant. The biggest expense that comes with opening a food truck is the purchase of the vehicle and equipment, but when compared to the idea of purchasing or leasing a storefront - this expense is significantly smaller. Overhead costs to operate a food truck is also comparably smaller than that of a restaurant. Food trucks typically only require the employment of 3 or 4 employees to operate at full potential, instead of the dozens of workers typically found in a stand-alone restaurant. In regards to location, food trucks can be moved around cities to find the best spots to cater to their customers. They don't have to rely on one location to make all their sales and can explore popular hot spots and destinations within driving distance. Being mobile means food trucks can also go to events or catering jobs with ease, especially since all of the food and equipment lives right inside the food truck. This poses a disadvantage to stand-alone restaurants who must find one perfect location to operate out of because the business relies on the location to bring in customers. Due to market changes and customer preferences, locations that are relevant at one point can quickly decrease in popularity over a couple of years. Food trucks also have much more freedom in the hours they want to operate on a day to day basis, while restaurants typically stick to established hours to avoid confusion for guests. Mobile phones and social media have made marketing inexpensive for food trucks, as they can easily update people on their location schedules and special events they may be appearing at. Food truck owners have carved out a niche with unique, hybrid cuisines and foodies everywhere can search for a particular truck, cuisine, or dietary need using Internet search engines.   

In regards to the COVID-19 pandemic, food trucks may be a good solution to dining capacities and local restrictions placed on food and beverage establishments. Since the onset of COVID-19 restaurants have seen local legislation impose various rules to follow, such as capacity limits and health standards to hold their guests to. Food trucks don't typically provide seating for the customers, so no capacity limits affect the business of food trucks. As of recently, a lot of food trucks have been bringing their businesses into communities, apartment buildings, and specific neighborhoods. Unlike delivery, a food truck showing up in a certain location creates a culinary event to break up the monotony of the work week while still capitalizing on the demand for the community aspect of dining out. The food is prepared fresh and on location at the food truck, so guests can either take the food home with them or enjoy it outdoors. It allows people who are uneasy about indoor dining to carefully socially distance while also still getting the delicious perks of dining out. You can order your food through the window of a food truck at a safe distance from its employees, instead of an enclosed space with a large group of people - which is something that still makes individuals concerned about the spread of the virus.

REW is excited to have been given the opportunity to renovate a food trailer for a local Orlando establishment. Turnkey installations are one of the services we offer here at REW, and by working with our trusted clients we can renovate any new or current kitchen. Pictured below is the customized trailer we have furnished to meet the needs and demands of a successful dining establishment that was looking to bring another element to their business. The trailer is complete with refrigeration, storage, fryers, a flat top grill, overhead exhausts, sinks, and much more.

Restaurant Equipment World has been family owned and operated for over 40 years. Our knowledgeable representatives in our Global Operations Department are ready to assist you in building your dream kitchen, no matter the location or concept you have. Contact us today so we can start the process of bringing your vision to life!

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