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Not Just A Name: How Just Chairs and More Is Shaking Up The Furniture Industry

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Not Just A Name: How Just Chairs and More Is Shaking Up The Furniture Industry

Here at REW, we're always humbled and proud to be working with some of the greatest partners in the foodservice and supply industries. One such partner is Just Chairs and More, a manufacturing company based in both New York and Georgia.

The company's owner, Tony Guo, is a New Yorker who is passionate about two things: building customer rapport and devising one-of-a-kind design solutions. His business vision fulfilled these two goals by emphasizing custom-made items. The point, as stated by current President Gary Dailey, was to deliver "just" furniture to customers—furniture for the right price and the right purpose, built to last.

Just Chairs and More specializes in furniture for the hospitality industry. Restaurants, bars, churches, and hotel lobbies are just a few of the different venues and settings that Just Chairs and More specializes in. They are not tied down by one specific hospitality setting, offering furniture options for just about anyone in the hospitality industry. And as everyone in hospitality is well aware, versatility is king.

I caught up with Debbie Riddle, one of the company's representative agents, who shed some light on what the company has to offer compared to the competition.

"Our prices are extremely competitive and we have the ability to do all types of custom work but what we do that really sets us apart is we stand behind our products," Riddle said. "Our products are built to exceed standard commercial specifications."

Indeed, the flexibility of the company is perhaps its greatest asset. You can specify the designs, finishes, styles, and colors that you want for your furniture and have it shipped to you in eight to twelve weeks. Their product range is just as expansive as the amount of customization available; true to their name, they'll supply you with chairs, tables, barstools, and other equipment tailored for different settings and purposes.

REW has worked with the company for three years across twenty-plus projects, including restaurants like Rock and Brew right here in Orlando, Florida. We coordinate with Just Chairs and More to calculate measurements, plan layouts, and execute the design project. The partnership has yielded long-term success and impacts. Riddle explains the impact of the Rock and Brew project as an example.

"They had a managers' meeting there for all their stores in the US and decided to change all of their stores to [fit the project's chair and barstool styles]," Riddle said.

The way the company handles customer service is another means of empowering customers and making sure their needs are properly addressed.

"If there is an issue with something, we don't just have our reps go out to see the end user but a lot of times the President or Owner of the company will also go see them and take care of any issue," Riddle elaborated.

From the quality of its furniture pieces to the premium five-year warranty on its products, Just Chairs and More is a manufacturer to be reckoned with. We at REW look forward to another great three years (and many more)!

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