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If someone asked you what you do at Restaurant Equipment World, what would you say?

Help people

What is special about Restaurant Equipment World?

The people

What is the weirdest phone conversation you had?

A customer that didn't want to end the call

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter?

Spring, no so hot no so cold. Flowers and a lot of birds.

Pineapple on pizza?


Creamy or crunchy peanut butter?

None, I don't like peanuts but I love jelly

If you could visit or live in any place in the world, where would it be?


Least favorite superhero ?


Favorite shape?


Pick one celebrity to sit next to in a plane

Actually, the pilot. I would love to travel on the cabin one day. Did I mention that I am terrified of flying?

You're stuck on an island. You have endless supply of only one food. What is it?


Favorite music album?

Favorite Band Hillsong, I love music but music with and empty lyric is not worthy.

Favorite city?

The city where I was born, Barranquilla, Known as the happiest city, everybody is happy no matter what.


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