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Why should customers shop at Restaurant Equipment World?

Because of the exceptional support that they will receive both during the order process, and after. We pride ourselves in knowing that our customers are satisfied with their purchases and that they have quality, high performing restaurant equipment at the end of the day.

What is your favorite part of the day?


What is the most common bought item?

Commercial stainless steel work tables

What was your first car?

Ford ZX2

Favorite color?


Pineapple on pizza?

Usually a no for me

The Beatles or The Rolling Stones?


Which kitchen equipment would you be?

Combi oven

Favorite shape?


Favorite Star Wars character?


If you could go back and live in any decade, which one would it be?

The 70's

Pick one celebrity to sit next to in a plane

Bill Murray

You're stuck on an island. You have endless supply of only one food. What is it?

Publix Chicken Tender Subs


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